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Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

(Just One More Reason to Go Green – Brought to you by Arosa Solar!)

In New Jersey, as in other states, the advantages of going green continue to pile up. Power generated by solar energy modules can be tracked, and system owners can rack up the green in certificates known as SRECs, or Solar Renewable Energy Certificates.  Every time the amount of power generated reaches one MW (megawatt), a certificate is issued.These are also called ‘green tags’ – a term which also applies to certificates issued for other forms of clean energy such as that generated by wind farms or hydro sources.

These certificates have traded as high as $665 already this year, and with New Jersey requiring electric companies to meet a certain percentage requirement for clean energy, the price can expect to go even higher. This benefit to having an Arosa Solar PV solar panel system can help pay off the cost of a new system even faster, especially when combined with the generous federal and state tax incentives and rebates available to those who embrace renewable energy alternatives.

Owners of solar energy systems over 10 kilowatts can sign up for an automatic monitoring system that credits the kilowatt hours as they rack up, automatically notifying the owner each time they reach a MW. Even smaller PV systems installed by Arosa Solar can be estimated and approved by certified personnel, and registration obtained by turning in the approved paperwork. The main website is used for the tracking of power generated, the issuance of certificates, the posting of intent to buy or sell and the retiring of the certificates when bought by energy companies to satisfy their clean energy requirements.

SRECs are being bought and traded much like stock certificates as their value continues to rise – with many electric companies far behind schedule with plans for renewable energy production, the SRECs are in high demand to meet the mandated quotas. Companies like Arosa Solar work with customers and energy companies so that customers can save money and the energy companies can comply with solar power requirements. SRECs can be bought by electricity suppliers, renewable energy marketers, private businesses and individuals interested in supporting the development of solar energy. A list of electric suppliers that are required to purchase SRECs can be found on the official SREC website.

The New Jersey requirement for energy companies intended for them to invest in solar power sources, and the companies are required to use the SREC program to show compliance. As of this date, there is still a shortage of certificates to equal the requirement, so the price continues to rise – especially with third party brokers involved. This makes installing a PV system even more sensible, as it can provide a source of income even after the system is paid off! Arosa Solar specialists can inform you about just how much you can save by converting to solar power.

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Arosa Solar: Powering New Jersey with the Sun

Welcome to the Arosa Solar blog! We are committed to improving the world we live in by providing and installing the best solar thermal and photovoltaic systems possible, reducing the need for fossil fuels and the dependence on foriegn oil.

In the posts ahead, we will be sharing information on why solar power is so important, how the systems work, who can benefit from solar energy and when you can qualify for state and federal rebates and incentives to reduce your cost of going green!

In New Jersey, you can easily install systems that will not only reduce your power costs, but let you make money off of the utility companies as well. Generating your own power not only reduces your own carbon footprint, but allows large companies to do so as well.

Generous rebates and incentives for installing both photovoltaic and solar thermal systems are available, to defray the cost of purchase and installation.  As a result, systems pay for themselves even faster!

Welcome to the wonderful world of solar.

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