Save on Your Water Heating Costs this Summer

With Arosa Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

You need hot water for bathing, laundry and cleaning your home. The power used to heat this water can account for up to 70% of your household’s summer gas bill! Good news, however – with a solar hot water system, you can significantly reduce your total energy consumption, which will both save you money and reduce pollution of the environment.

You have to make sure you acquire a system that is properly sized and installed. This will garner you years of ongoing savings and eco-friendly, maintenance-free performance. When installed in conjunction with a full photovoltaic system, you get even more energy savings. Arosa Solar installs a wide range of solar thermal systems appropriate for the climate and weather patterns found in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Drain back systems which offer freeze protection with thermal limiting or antifreeze protected / pressurized glycol systems are both categorized as closed loop, indirect systems; the collector water is kept separate from potable water, draining into a specialized tank to prevent overheating once potable water reaches optimum temperature ands preventing freezing as well in extremely low temperatures.

Differential systems that circulate potable water to the heated collector and ICS (Integrated Collector Storage) systems that store and preheat water on the roof before delivering to a conventional water heater are called open loop, direct systems. These are good systems as long as you don’t live in in climates where freezing temperatures are the norm in winter.

Each system type has specific advantages and limitations. Arosa Solar’s thermal hot water systems will usually include a conventional back-up electric heating source to ensure a constant supply of hot water, but if you manage your water usage wisely you can possibly eliminate nearly all of the utility bills that come from heating water for your home or supplying hot water for your business. This can also result in savings in the form of 30% federal tax credits which apply to both solar electric and solar water heating systems!

Read more at Arosa Solar and find out how solar energy can save you money.


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