Federal Incentive for Business PV Systems

Make your business run green, and you can cash in on government green!

New Jersey business owners now have even more reasons to ‘go solar’ with the help of Arosa Solar. Installing a PV system to supply electricity to run a business can help you  escape dependence on standard energy sources that pollute the environment, and pull in nice incentives from the government as well!

Grid-tied PV systems generate “green” renewable energy from the roof of a business without the danger of running short on power. They have battery back-up capability that stores energy as well, and will take energy from the electric company on cloudy days, feeding it back into the grid on good days or weekends when energy use is lower! This saves money for business owners, and in addition, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC’s) can be accumulated and sold to investors or energy companies. Utility companies are required to produce a certain amount of their energy from renewable sources, but capability isn’t keeping up as building large solar and wind powered plants is taking longer than anticipated. To keep in compliance, these companies can satisfy part of that requirement by buying these ‘green tags’, which in New Jersey are trading for well over $600.

As an added bonus, eligible systems placed in service on or before December 31, 2016 qualify for a federal credit equal to 30% of expenditures, with no maximum credit. In other terms, if you have a solar PV system installed, you can either qualify for a tax credit equal to 30% of the cost of the system, or, if you can’t use the credit, you will receive a grant from the US Treasury in the form of a check for the same amount within 60 days of final inspection of such a system!

What are you waiting for? If you own and operate a business and have the space for a photovoltaic system, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Call Arosa Solar and speak to an expert today.


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