Solar Thermal Pool Heating

It’s June! Right now the water is your cool haven from the heat – but when cooler weather comes at night is it too chilly to enjoy your pool? The cost of heating a pool can severely limit the swim season in the northern US particularly. However, you can enjoy all the benefits of pool ownership for a broader season each year, regardless of cooler weather.

Although operating a standard gas or electric heater can cost hundreds of dollar per month, a solar heater will warm your pool free day after day, using the clean, renewable power of the sun. This saves money over time, and eventually pays for itself in savings!

Solar pool panels come in a variety of sizes. You can have them mounted on a nearby roof, or even on the ground. Arosa Solar makes installation easy; it can usually be completed in one day, so you can enjoy the benefits of solar-heated water right away. Solar pool-heaters are made of a flexible polymer material, and include an electronic controller, an automatic diverter valve and special sensors for temperature control.

Your existing pool pump is probably strong enough to run the solar swimming pool heating system. It will send the water up pipes to the solar collector. As cool water enters the solar collector at the bottom, it is heated. It then makes its way up through the collector tubes to the top header pipe. The comfortably warm water is then returned to your pool! This process repeats until the desired water temperature is reached, keeping your pool warm even on chilly nights.

Even pools with an existing electric or gas heater can be enhanced with a solar heater. The system is remarkably efficient and virtually free to operate, so it can significantly reduce your energy costs and pay for itself over time. Installing a solar pool-heating system also adds value to your home, as does any renewable energy system.

If you already have an existing solar hot water system adding a pool heater is simple. Using clean sun generated power can give you all the hot water you need for home and pool, reducing your environmental footprint and lowering your energy costs by up to 38%!

You can contact an Arosa Solar Energy Specialist in New Jersey or online today for a free consultation and to learn all about the solar benefits available to you.


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