So… How can PV / Solar Power Help My Business?

Good question. Let’s have a story, shall we? This actually happened, not too long ago, and describes exactly how a photovoltaic system can bring you cost savings and even turn into a way to bring profits to your business!

The Story of How a Business Stopped Paying for Electricity

…and Started Getting Paid Instead:

Once upon a time, in the city of Lakewood, New Jersey, a business owner was tired of paying stratospheric costs for electricity to light and heat his building. He researched different ways to save on power costs, and finally discovered photovoltaic systems for businesses and decided to give it a try…

The up front cost was a little intimidating at first, but the business owner was delighted to find out that not only would the state of New Jersey support his decision with generous rebates to offset the system price tag, the federal government was willing to help subsidize the cost of installation with grant.

Now the business owner happily watches the electric bill plummet to less than 35% of it’s normal level, while the PV system racks up SRECs – certificates he can sell for over $600 each! The system he installed at his Lakewood business will be completely paid off in four years – but will operate efficiently for twenty or more, and continue earning SRECs each year for a steady revenue stream that more than offsets the company’s remaining electric bill.

This true story was made possible by Arosa Solar, a major installer of photovoltaic systems for businesses and homes in and around new Jersey for years. Shimmy Tessler, the company spokesperson commented:

“Most people have no idea how inexpensive it really is to get a system installed and running. The state of New Jersey, the federal government, they both are serious about helping people get these types of systems in place. In five years, there are going to be hundreds of people looking at their energy costs and comparing themselves to businesses who made the move now, and who are now earning money from power instead of the utility company eating their profits.”


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