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Solar Stampede in New Jersey

New Jersey’s second phase of the Clean Energy program that offered rebates to those seeking to install photovoltaic panels for energy savings went well – almost too well. The program which opened again May 3, is already closed again – the huge flood of applications that inundated the state program in just one short week exhausted resources.

Fortunately, the program is set up for this possibility, with plans for funding to be done several times this year in expectations that cycles would see this type of response.The Clean Energy Programs’ website now says:

“In just three days, an entire cycle worth of applications were submitted for residential and nonresidential solar projects through the Renewable Energy Incentive Program… The Office of Clean Energy anticipates having a recommendation for consideration of additional funding or potential program changes at the June 7th board meeting… Please check this website on a weekly basis for updates and additional information.”

The new cycle should open September 1, instead of applicants having to wait an entire year. In the meantime, there are still plenty of rebates and incentives available at the state and federal level. These include a federal energy-efficient property tax credit for homeowners of up to 30 percent of the cost of a solar photovoltaic installation, as well as the renewable-energy credit program, which is designed to serve as a long-term inducement for installing solar PV systems.

According to data from the federal Energy Information Administration, New Jersey residents pay nearly 16 cents per kilowatt-hour as of January 2010, one of the higher average residential rates nationally. No wonder hundreds of residents are stampeding to apply for funding, making New Jersey second only to California in solar use; the state has 5,582 solar-electric projects installed as of March 31, totaling a capacity of about 149 megawatts.

While some residents may be waiting for the new cycle of rebates to begin, others are moving ahead with installation plans. Arosa Solar, a PV installation company operating out of Lakewood, New Jersey, anticipates a rise in client requests over the coming year thanks to the support being provided to make the switch to clean energy affordable for the average homeowner.


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Easy Ways to Save Using Solar Energy

Summertime has arrived in New Jersey, and energy costs are on the rise. Running the air conditioner makes many people cringe, as it drives up energy consumption and bills. For those not yet able to make the full leap to completely solar driven power usage, solar attic fans can help decrease the level of energy needed to keep your home cool.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans can decrease the cooling load on your air conditioner. They increase fresh air circulation, keeping your roof and attic space cooler and extending the life of your roof. They come on when the sun is out and heating up your roof and attic, so they only work when needed to cool down the worst of the hot air.

Two fan options are generally available with adjustable solar panels. The 10 watt ventilates 1200 sq feet and the 20 watt covers 1800 sq feet. Installation costs range between $475 to $600, and most fans will pay for themselves in just a few years by reducing energy needs and prolonging the lifetime of most roofs.

Solar Tube Lighting

Solar tube lighting can be a tremendous money saver at any time of year, bringing natural lighting into your home or business. Installed lights range from approximately $350 to $600. The expense is worth it, as they will pay for themselves over time by reducing costs from electricity and standard light bulb purchases. The highly reflective light pipes can be up to 18-20 feet long, and are made of high grade aluminum with seamless construction.

Tubular skylights are smaller than most other skylights. They have roof-mounted solar collectors, which increase their daylighting potential even with their small size. Since a rooftop solar collector has such a small surface area, tubular skylights minimize heat loss in the winter and heat gain in summer.

The diameter of the tube determines the coverage area. A 10 inch solar light will cover up to 150 sq feet, and provide the equivalent of up to 300 watts. A 13 inch tube has a coverage of 300 sq feet, with about 500 watts. A 21 inch light covers 700 sq feet and delivers up to 1450 watts.

Both of these options can help you keep energy costs down. Contact Arosa Solar and talk to an expert about how you can save money by using the clean, renewable energy of the sun.

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Solar Thermal Pool Heating

It’s June! Right now the water is your cool haven from the heat – but when cooler weather comes at night is it too chilly to enjoy your pool? The cost of heating a pool can severely limit the swim season in the northern US particularly. However, you can enjoy all the benefits of pool ownership for a broader season each year, regardless of cooler weather.

Although operating a standard gas or electric heater can cost hundreds of dollar per month, a solar heater will warm your pool free day after day, using the clean, renewable power of the sun. This saves money over time, and eventually pays for itself in savings!

Solar pool panels come in a variety of sizes. You can have them mounted on a nearby roof, or even on the ground. Arosa Solar makes installation easy; it can usually be completed in one day, so you can enjoy the benefits of solar-heated water right away. Solar pool-heaters are made of a flexible polymer material, and include an electronic controller, an automatic diverter valve and special sensors for temperature control.

Your existing pool pump is probably strong enough to run the solar swimming pool heating system. It will send the water up pipes to the solar collector. As cool water enters the solar collector at the bottom, it is heated. It then makes its way up through the collector tubes to the top header pipe. The comfortably warm water is then returned to your pool! This process repeats until the desired water temperature is reached, keeping your pool warm even on chilly nights.

Even pools with an existing electric or gas heater can be enhanced with a solar heater. The system is remarkably efficient and virtually free to operate, so it can significantly reduce your energy costs and pay for itself over time. Installing a solar pool-heating system also adds value to your home, as does any renewable energy system.

If you already have an existing solar hot water system adding a pool heater is simple. Using clean sun generated power can give you all the hot water you need for home and pool, reducing your environmental footprint and lowering your energy costs by up to 38%!

You can contact an Arosa Solar Energy Specialist in New Jersey or online today for a free consultation and to learn all about the solar benefits available to you.

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Arosa Solar PV Systems Reduce Electric Costs

Live Cheaper, Live Greener

Are high electric costs getting you heated under the collar? Solar panels are designed to let the power of the sun provide electricity for your home, and can significantly reduce those high summer bills. Arosa Solar sells and installs full PV systems in Lakewood, NJ and the surrounding areas, enabling many home and business owners in in New Jersey to fill their electric needs cleanly and cheaply.

Photovoltaic (PV) modules use solar panels to create energy from sunlight – energy that can be used to power your home or business. The modules are wired together and placed on an unobstructed roof or un-shaded patch of ground with a full view of the sky.

In New Jersey, solar panels will be more effective in the summer months. Staying connected to the electrical grid can benefit you on that front, since not only will you be getting your electricity free, but you can sell any surplus back to the energy company – in effect spinning the meter backwards. In the winter, any power you lack can be supplied by the energy company so you never lose power.

In addition to saving on immediate electricity bills, you can also rack up SRECs, or green tags. These are certificates that show every megawatt of energy your system has produced; you can sell this certificates for nearly $700 currently in New Jersey. Arosa Solar customers who purchase a ten kilowatt system automatically are hooked to the state database, which remotely tracks and records power being generated.

This summer, call Arosa Solar for an estimate and evaluation of your own home and whether solar power might be your best option for going green and keeping your green! Located in Lakewood, NJ, Arosa Solar has trained technicians, contacts all over the country and a commitment to getting you the best PV system possible.

Reduce your electric bill, live greener and start enjoying freedom from worry over continually rising energy costs! Before summer hits, look into having a PV solar energy system installed on your home. It could be the smartest thing you’ll ever do!

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